Jesuit Vocation Month and Encouraging Discerning Catholics

November is Jesuit Vocation Month and Fr. Charles Frederico, SJ, the vocation director for the Maryland, New England and New York Provinces has shared a study showing that a large number of Catholics have considered vocations but did not pursued them. During this month we are all reminded to encourage men to consider discerning a vocation to the Society of Jesus.

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Most men discerning a vocation need some encouragement before actually pursuing one.

The Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate published results of a major study done on vocations. The results captivate my passion for vocation work. A section entitled, “Consideration of Priesthood and Religious Life Among Never-Married Catholics” finds that 3% of males have “very seriously” considered a vocation. Statistically that represents “350,000 never-married men.”  Think about the ramifications: If only a small percentage of those who have “seriously considered” a vocation eventually took vows or were ordained, the  so-called “vocation crisis” would be over. Yet, the vast majority of those who have “very seriously considered a vocation” report in the study that they have never been encouraged by anyone to consider a vocation.  

Like any life, priesthood and religious life has its ups and downs. However this is a wonderful life, filled with joy. I love being a Jesuit priest. What a blessing! My friends, if we are going to increase the numbers of those who respond to God’s call to priesthood and brotherhood in the Society of Jesus, We certainly need to pray for that result.  But we also need to do more than just pray. We need to speak up. Please make a resolution to encourage just one man to consider our Jesuit life. God is good. 

Fr. Charles Frederico, SJ, is the vocation director for the Maryland, New England and New York Provinces.

Click here to learn more about Jesuit vocations.

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