A Q&A with Fr. Curry on Life and Work in China


Fr. Curry poses with several of his students.

America magazine recently published a Q&A with Fr. Terry Curry, SJ, who has been teaching architecture in China since 2009.

While the Chinese constitution guarantees freedom of religion, China imposes certain clauses and limitations to religious practice. Fr. Curry and other foreign Jesuits working in mainland China live and work there as guests and are not engaged in any public, sacramental ministry. Despite the complicated circumstances, he has established meaningful relationships with his students and their families.

“From an Ignatian point of view, we see education as care for the whole person,” he says in the article. “I try to see [my students] as people’s sons and daughters who are made in the image and likeness of God, who has entrusted them to me for eight weeks. It’s the beginning of a pastoral relationship. Nothing I do is explicitly Christian, but I put a kind of energy and care into these kids that is a bit unusual in the context of where I teach.”

Click here to read the full Q&A on America’s website.

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