Two Jesuits Join YCHS Summer Staff


From left to right: Mr. Anggun Sugiyono, SJ, Mr. Pat Nolan, SJ, Fr. Mickey Corcoran, SJ, and Mr. Dennis Baker, SJ.

Two Jesuits in formation, Mr. Dennis Baker, SJ, and Mr. Anggun Sugiyono, SJ, have joined the summer staff at Yap Catholic High School (YCHS) in Micronesia. The summer staff will be responsible for providing for the different needs of each class of students, helping freshmen acclimate to their new environment, tutoring sophomores with their English and math skills, assisting juniors as they prepare for the SAT and giving guidance to seniors who are studying for the SAT and working on their college essays.

Dennis has worked at both high schools in the New York Province named after St. Francis Xavier – Xavier High School in New York City as well as Xavier High School on Chuuk. This summer at YCHS he has been teaching SAT math for the juniors and seniors as well as moderating the agriculture club, and coaching basketball. Dennis will be become a deacon this fall and ordained a priest next year.

Anggun is an Indonesian Jesuit scholastic. During the school year Anggun teaches at Xavier High School in Chuuk. This summer he is moderating the carving club and coaching volleyball.

Click here to read more about the summer session at YCHS.

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