Fr. Malone Discusses the Importance of Branding


Fr. Matt Malone, SJ, provided insight into how America magazine has been able to stay relevant throughout the years.

Last week Fordham University hosted the 2014 Jesuit Advancement Administrators Conference. The conference was a chance for Jesuits and lay staff members working in Jesuit higher education to share their experience and expertise with their colleagues. One such speaker was Fr. Matt Malone, SJ, editor in chief of America magazine who came to talk about how the 105-year-old Jesuit publication has been able to stay relevant throughout the years.

“The defining characteristic of a modern media organization — the thing that is going to allow it not only to survive, but to prosper in this rapidly-changing media environment — is having a brand,” said Fr. Malone. He used America as an example of an organization which has defined itself as more than just a magazine. He said, it is a forum used to discuss issues of faith and culture with a Catholic point of view. “None of that has anything to do with our platform, that is, whether we’re in print, we’re online, or we have an iPad app,” he said.

Click here to read more about Fr. Malone’s talk on Fordham’s blog.

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