Ignatian Summer Camp for Brooklyn Jesuit Prep Students


The group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will be taking part in a number of exercises and activities for the month of July.

This July a group of 83 students from Brooklyn Jesuit Prep (BJP) will be staying at Fairfield University in Connecticut as part of their Summer Leadership Camp which will allow them to stay active and keep their minds sharp while strengthening their bonds with their peers.

“While their neighborhood peers spend the summer on stoops and blocks in the summer heat of Brooklyn, our students get to participate in activities at Fairfield University they never dreamed of doing or accomplishing,” says Greg Arte, a camp director and teacher at BJP. “From learning to swim in the pool, to seeing stags and wild turkeys on the hikes, to being more reflective as a 13-year-old about goals and aspirations, the summer program builds our school community and ensures we have a successful rest of the school year.” Now in its ninth year the camp allows for students to get out of the city for the summer and keeping active with summer activities.

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep (BJP) is a Jesuit middle school serving low-income families in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. The school’s mission is to “turn students into leaders who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious and committed to doing justice.” With the help of BJP, students are given the tools necessary for them to excel in life and be men and women for others.

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