Breaking Barriers through Dance

AmmanExpoMay2014 009

Members of one of the dance groups perform as part of the Jesuit Center’s Cultural Expo.

In an exercise that broke down barriers between race, religion, ethnicity, class and background, over 50 men and women from the Jesuit Center in Amman, Jordan, explored the language of dance and interpretive movement – all part of the center’s Cultural Expo, which took place on June 5.

Dance groups included native Jordanians, mixed religion workers from the Philippines and Muslim refugees from Sudan, Somalia and Syria.

“By working together in a new language of dance, I think a lot of people put aside their ‘scripts’ about the others,” said Fr. Michael Linden, SJ, superior of the Jesuits in Jordan. “They chose to grow by offering their work and talents. The Christians said they are better Christians; the Muslims say they are better Muslims.”

The Jesuit Center in Jordan provides urgent care and services for men, women and children who have been displaced from their homes due to political turmoil and the threat of violence. The center is currently planning a year-long program that will focus on Faith and Culture. For more information, visit

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