Pope Invited to Visit Glasgow for Jesuit Anniversary

St. John Ogilvie a Jesuit and seventeenth century martyr.

St. John Ogilvie, a Jesuit and 17th century martyr.

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow, Scotland, has written a letter to Pope Francis inviting the Pope to visit the city next year in honor of the 400-year anniversary of the death of St. John Ogilvie. While papal visits are usually planed several years in advance, Archbishop Tartaglia hopes that the pope would be able to make an exception for the anniversary.

Born in Scotland to Calvinist parents, St. John Ogilvie would eventually convert to Catholicism and join the Society of Jesus. During this time, Scotland was a protestant country where Catholics where suppressed. St. Ogilvie would minister to these Catholics living in hiding with Mass and sacraments. When it was discovered in 1615, he was hanged.

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia said, “Our celebrations would be clearly marked too by an appreciation of how ecumenism has changed the relationship between Christians over the last four centuries and focus on how Christians and other people of faith can make common cause for the core issue for which St John Ogilvie died, namely religious freedom.”

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