Fr. James Martin, SJ, Asks: Who is Jesus?

Jesus 3Who is Jesus?

Numerous theologians and historians have tried to answer that question in countless books. Jesuit Father James Martin is the latest, exploring and examing both the scriptural Jesus and the historic one in his new book, Jesus: a Pilgrimage.

“I think you need to understand those two things together because it’s the same person,” said Fr. Martin in an interview for Salt and Light Media. “The Jesus of history is the Christ of faith and I think that if you only look at one side, you’re doing him a disservice.”

Fr. Martin, best known for his books The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything and My Life with the Saints, drew from his own pilgrimage to the Holy Land to get a better understanding of Christ. “I can think of few experiences as moving as standing on the sea of Galilee and thinking that Jesus saw this,” he recalled in the same interview.

Click below to view his entire interview with Salt and Light Media.


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