A New Jesuit Saint: José de Anchieta


A painting of the former Jesuit missionary and provincial Fr. José de Anchieta.

On December 17, 2013, Pope Francis elevated Jesuit Father Peter Faber to sainthood through equivalent canonization. This week the pope was set to canonize three additional individuals, including the Spanish Jesuit, Fr. José de Anchieta.

Anchieta served as a missionary and in 1553 was sent to Brazil, where he founded a college in Rio de Janeiro and eventually became provincial superior of the Jesuits in that region. He oversaw the expanding missions and was a co-founder of the city São Paulo. Today he remains a prominent historical figure throughout much of that country.

Brazilian Jesuit scholastic José Célio dos Santos, shared his thoughts about the significance of the canonization with the Jesuit Collaborative, saying, “Now, Anchieta’s canonization will take place in the context of the bicentenary celebration of the restoration of the Society of Jesus. His canonization is not only a gift for the church in Brazil, but also for the Society of Jesus.”

Click here to read more about this new saint and his canonization.

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