Two Leaders Visit Yap Catholic High School

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Pictured above from left to right are: Don Evans, Governor Johnson Elimo, FSM President Manny Mori and Fr. Corcoran.

On Friday, April 25th, two distinguished guests visited Yap Catholic High School (YCHS) in Micronesia: Johnson Elimo, the governor of the island of Chuuk, and Manny Mori, the president of the Federated Sates of Micronesia. YCHS Principal Fr. Michael Corcoran, SJ, and YCHS campus architect Don Evans provided a tour of the new campus for the guests.

During the day the two politicians had a chance to meet with students and answer questions.

Click here to read more about the visit on YCHS’s website.

Regis High School’s 1964 Throwback Day


Regis students recreate a classic photo.

Regis High School is marking its centennial anniversary this year with a wide range of engaging events that celebrate the many ways the Manhattan school has shaped the lives of Catholic men in New York City.

On April 10, the 100th day of class for this academic year, Regis “turned back the clock” to 1964 with a school-wide transformation that called students to remember the roots of Regis. Teachers wore faculty robes or cassocks for the day, with students attending Latin Mass. The design of the school website was remodeled to reflect the style of 1964 and featured breaking news about the World’s Fair and other events of the time.

“In doing all this, I believe that we are actually doing something with some spiritual significance,” Fr. Anthony Andreassi, Regis faculty member and author of Teach me to be Generous: A History of Regis High School, said during a morning assembly.  Continue reading

Two New Papal Saints

On Sunday April 27, Pope Francis canonized two of the most influential popes of the 20th century, John XXIII and John Paul II. This is the first time in the history of the Church that two popes were canonized at the same ceremony. Nearly one million people crowded the streets in and around St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City to be there for the historic event.


Saint John XXIII (left) and Pope Saint John Paul II (right)

While they were both very influential popes in Church history, they were also very different.

John XXIII was known as a jovial priest whose papacy would last only five years. During that short time he would call the Second Vatican Council, which would bring about the use of the vernacular in Mass, the expanded role of the laity and overall renewal of doctrine for modern times.

John Paul II was a relatively young pope who was elected pontiff at age 58 and stayed in office for 26 years. Thanks to his long papacy he was able to visit 129 countries, canonize 483 saints and see the Church enter into its third millennium of existence.

Click here to read more about the canonization of these two popes.

The Gospel of Mark: A One Man Play

Fr. George Drance, SJ, is the sole performer in this interpretation of the Gospel of Mark.

Fr. George Drance, SJ, is the sole performer in this interpretation of the Gospel of Mark.

Today, April 25, is the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist. The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four gospels and is considered to be the original gospel that lays the groundwork for the others. This was a gospel that was spoken before it was read. The orators telling the story were trying to share the fundaments of Christianity and make it engaging to those who listened.

Jesuit actor and theater artist Fr. George Drance is delving back into the roots of this gospel with his one man play entitled *mark.

“I think that it’s thrilling to be involved in a tradition that is thousands of years old,” explained the Jesuit actor. “We experience the tradition in liturgy but this is older than liturgy. It’s been a tradition since the beginning of the church.” Through the medium of the theater, Fr. Drance aims to present the gospel as something relevant and current.

Fr. Drance wants his audience to walk away reflecting on the gospel. “Most plays around today that focus on making people feel something, only do so for the duration of the play – the feeling disappears as they leave the theater,” he observed. “The gospel is bigger than that. It’s supposed to work inside them. The gospel is not about feeling at all but experiencing.”

He also approaches his audience the same way early Christians may have proclaimed the gospel to whomever might want to hear it. “This is an opportunity to bring different communities together – the arts community and the community of faith,” said Drance. The venue, La MaMa, is the oldest experimental theater company in the country and the performance space for *mark is the same one where the play Godspell premiered.

The run of *mark will be from May 29 through June 15. General admission tickets are $18 and $13 for students and seniors. Click here to buy tickets.

Fr. James Martin, SJ, Asks: Who is Jesus?

Jesus 3Who is Jesus?

Numerous theologians and historians have tried to answer that question in countless books. Jesuit Father James Martin is the latest, exploring and examing both the scriptural Jesus and the historic one in his new book, Jesus: a Pilgrimage.

“I think you need to understand those two things together because it’s the same person,” said Fr. Martin in an interview for Salt and Light Media. “The Jesus of history is the Christ of faith and I think that if you only look at one side, you’re doing him a disservice.”

Fr. Martin, best known for his books The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything and My Life with the Saints, drew from his own pilgrimage to the Holy Land to get a better understanding of Christ. “I can think of few experiences as moving as standing on the sea of Galilee and thinking that Jesus saw this,” he recalled in the same interview.

Click below to view his entire interview with Salt and Light Media.


Fordham Honors Philippine Cardinal


Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, at the Fordham University Church

On March 28, Fordham University honored Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, at a Mass and celebration where he was presented with a doctorate of humane letters, honoris causa. The Cardinal has worked hard to advocate for the poor and to serve as a spiritual leader for Filipino Catholics.

Initially, the Cardinal admitted that he was hesitant to receive such an honor. “Why am I being recognized? What have I done?” he stated in an interview with the Filipino news station Balitang America. Continue reading

Read the Spring 2014 Jesuits Magazine Online

The Spring 2014 issue of JESUITS magazine arrived in mailboxes over the last few weeks and is now available online. JESUITS is the official magazine of the Maryland, New England and New York Provinces. The magazine contains articles about the Jesuits as well as their colleagues and ministries.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 2.24.52 PMSome highlights from this issue are:

  • New Province Leadership
  • Drawing Deeper into the Experience of Christ
  • Ministering on the Margins
  • Wisdom of Years: A Lifetime of Service
  • Men and Women for Others

Click here to read the most recent issue.

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