Finding Justice for Martyrs

An image of the eight martyrs.

In November 1989, members of the Salvadorian army murdered six Jesuits as well as their housekeeper and her daughter. These men and women were some of the many casualties during the Salvadoran Civil War and have since been remembered as the El Salvador Martyrs.

But what of those responsible for this atrocity and the others during that time? For many years it seemed as though those responsible would not be held accountable for their actions. It was not until 2008 that Almudena Bernabeu, director of transitional justice at the San Francisco–based Center for Justice and Accountability, was able to help launch a case against senior Salvadoran officials thought to be responsible for this and other crimes.

Tomorrow, March 25, at Fordham University in New York City, Ms. Bernabeu will present a lecture about her struggle to pursue justice for these war crimes.

Click here to learn more about the event.

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