Brackets and Beliefs: Coach Dennis Baker, SJ


Baker taught at Xavier High School in New York City for three years where he also coached baseball and basketball.

Cura personalis, the Jesuit maxim for “care for the entire person” is a reminder that humans do not only have a spiritual component that has to be nurtured but a mind and body as well. While Jesuits are often lauded for their roles as educators, theologians and advocates for social justice, they also find themselves in more non-traditional roles.

Dennis Baker, SJ, is an example of a Jesuit in one of these non-traditional roles. The 34-year-old Jesuit scholastic has spent part of his formation working with students as an athletic coach. Baker is currently in his second year of studies for his Master of Divinity degree at Boston College but sports are still a core component of who he is. During the summer of 2013, he visited approximately one-third of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States to study the ways that their athletic programs were pairing with key elements of Jesuit identity.

“I keep in touch with every good coach I ever had, every good teammate I ever had,” said Baker. “And I think that’s true for student athletes across the board.”

Click here to read more about Dennis Baker, SJ, in an article published by the Jesuit Conference.

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