Deepen Your Lenten Prayer Experience

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.46.53 PMThe Lenten season is about to begin, and while it can sometimes be difficult to reflect and find time for prayer in the busy world we live in, one option to do so is already at your fingertips.

On Sunday, March 2, the Jesuits of the U.S. launched Moved to Greater Love, a nine-week prayer and reflection program that runs through the second week after Easter.

By entering your email address at, you will receive nightly emails that emphasize individual prayer and contain reflections on four graces: gratitude, spiritual freedom, vision and joy. The nine U.S. Jesuit provincials who conceived of the program envisioned “an invitation to magnanimity, silence, creativity and depth” that calls participants to consider how God’s love can provide freedom and allow us live generously and wholeheartedly.

The daily online offerings feature a reflection, a reading and supplemental multimedia that can help viewers deepen the experience of their prayer at any time, from any location, just by opening their email.

“This is the first time the Society has done something on a national level where we’ve invited Jesuits, those who work with us in our ministries and anyone who’s interested in a deeper Lenten experience to join with us in prayer,” said Jesuit Father Thomas H. Smolich, president of the Jesuit Conference. “As the Society of Jesus looks to the future, being grounded in prayer helps us respond to God’s call with greater spiritual depth and freedom.”

Visit today for more information and to sign up for Moved to Greater Love.

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