Loyola Press to Release Pope Francis’ Book

met pope bookPope Francis has quickly gained praise for his informal and down to earth way of communicating to the world, from off-the-cuff interviews with reporters to homilies for hundreds of people.

Now for the first time, an English translation of Pope Francis’ essays, speeches and homilies is being published by Chicago-based Jesuit publisher Loyola Press. The publisher is known for such bestsellers as Chris Lowney’s Heroic Leadership and Fr. James Martin’s, SJ, My Life with the Saints.

Entitled, The Church of Mercy, the work presents an English-speaking audience with the Pope’s views on solidarity with the poor and his mission to combat the idolatry of power and money. All written in his own informal style, it is intended for both believers and non-believers.

“For us as a small, Jesuit-owned publishing company, to publish a book by Pope Francis in the English language market was a no-brainer,” Joe Durepos, the executive editor of trade acquisitions at Loyola Press, told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s everything we’re about as we move into the 21st century. The mandate I got was: ‘Get the book.’”

The book will be available for pre-order starting March 13, the one year anniversary of Pope Francis’ election.

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