Volunteer Teachers Needed in the Pacific

Are you a graduating college senior with a passion for teaching and travel?

If so then you may be interested in teaching at Yap Catholic High School in Micronesia.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.16.32 PM

A shot of the faculty during their February retreat in Maap located in the northern part of Yap.

Yap Catholic High School (YCHS) is currently accepting applications for volunteer teachers who are willing to spend one or two years in service to the Jesuit run school. Past volunteer teachers have enjoyed the opportunity to live on a fascinating island with a rich culture.

Alex, a first year volunteer and Fordham alumnus said, “Yap has been the adventure of a lifetime. Living and serving in this culture of tradition, community, and compassion has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life.”

YCHS opened its doors in September of 2011 with thirty-five students. School principal and co-founder, Fr. Michael Corcoran, SJ, said, “Yap Catholic High School attracts students from across the island – students who are hard-working, highly motivated, and easy to teach.” All of the current seniors (first graduating class) have been accepted into at least one four-year college in the US, many having received scholarships. Click here to read more about becoming a volunteer.

Interested applicants can email Fr. Corcoran, SJ, at mpcorcoransj@hotmail.com

Learn more about the school’s construction here.

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