Vatican Acknowledges Jesuit Operas


Recently, Fr. T. Frank Kennedy, SJ, professor of music at Boston College, sent Pope Francis a CD he produced containing two Jesuit operas. The first opera, written in 1621, was originally performed for the canonization of Sts. Ignatius and Francis Xavier.

But it was the second opera that made Fr. Kennedy think of the Argentinian Pope: “The second is a small chamber opera entitled San Igancio from the Jesuit missions of Paraguay.” He explains, “Since the original Paraguay Province in those days included Argentina, I thought the Holy Father might be interested.”

The gift did not fall upon deaf ears – Fr. Kennedy received a response in the form of a letter from Monsignor Peter Wells, assessor in the secretary of state office in the Vatican, who thanked him for the recording:

His Holiness Pope Francis warmly appreciates this display of closeness, and asks you to pray for him and to ask others to pray for him. He warmly imparts the desired Apostolic Blessing, which he also extends to the faithful who have participated in those recordings.

Gladly I take the opportunity to express to you my own appreciation and esteem in Christ.

Those interested in listening to the Jesuit operas can request a copy from Fr. Kennedy by emailing him at

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