Taking Flight: Visiting the Jesuit Works of Micronesia

The New York Province of the Society of Jesus includes all of New York State – and parts of northern New Jersey – but also includes the Federated States of Micronesia, a string of islands in the Pacific Ocean separated by hundreds of miles of water.

Recently, V. Rev. David Ciancimino, SJ, provincial of the New York Province and Fr. Edward Quinnan, SJ, assistant for pastoral ministry, spent several weeks traveling to various islands across Micronesia, visiting Jesuits serving at schools, parishes and other works, while meeting men in formation.

  • First, they started in Pohnpei where they visited a deacon-led church.
  • Next, was Chuuk where they visited Xavier High School and met with the five Jesuits that live in community there.
  • While in Guam they visited Fr. Tom McGrath, the Jesuit who resides at a Catholic cathedral there and works as a chaplain at a nearby hospital.
  • On Yap they visited the Jesuit-run Yap Catholic High School and the three Jesuits that live in the Jesuit Residence on Yap.
  • Finally, in Palau they visited three Jesuits that work in a local Catholic high school.

Click here to view a video about the works on the islands of Micronesia. View the gallery below to view photos from the trip.

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