Frontiers: Teaching in China

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.22.35 AM

Fr. Terry Curry, SJ, helps Cheng Yuhai, a grad student at Tsinghua University, with his thesis project .

In January 2009, Fr. Terrence Curry, SJ, arrived in Beijing with no knowledge of the language or customs. Fr. Curry was sent to Beijing by the then New York Province provincial, Fr. Jeff Chojnacki, SJ. “China is one of the Society’s apostolic priorities, and Fr. Chojnacki seemed confident that I could make a contribution to our work there,” Fr. Curry recounted.

After arriving, Fr. Curry spent some time with the Jesuits of the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies, where he began to learn to speak Chinese. That April, he began teaching part-time at Tsinghua University, in Beijing, and by the end of the semester he was offered a full-time position teaching architecture.

Fr. Curry has been working in China for a little over five years and has flourished in his new environment. His courses are well attended and he appreciates the opportunity to talk to his students about subjects other than architecture. “Conversations with students can lead to some deep and meaningful questions. But I think that there is great opportunity here to do what Jesuits do best: seek to find God in all things.”

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