Snapshot of the Day: A Snowman for Jesuits

Fordham Snow Person

During one of the recent snowstorms to hit New York City, two Fordham students – Margo and Pablo – decided to build a snowman on campus. Margaret Monahan, the executive director of Murray-Weigel Hall (which is located adjacent to the campus) noticed the snowman and imagined how much the elderly and infirm Jesuits of Murray-Weigel might like to view it. Margo and Pablo agreed, and set out to relocate the entire eight-foot-tall snowman. After hours of working in the snow (and with some hot chocolate from Margaret) they moved the snowy sculpture to a new and beautiful location just outside the Murray-Weigel solarium. The new snowman was even complete with two faces – front and back – so as to greet both the ecstatic men of Murray-Weigel and casual passersby. Photos by Margaret Monahan.

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