Advent Week 1: Anticipating Joy

This week begins the first installment of our Jesuit Advent Podcast series. Deepen your Advent experience with spiritual resources from the New England Province of Jesuits and other online sources to prepare for Christmas.  Our podcast and online Advent reflections offer perspectives and suggestions from Jesuits on enriching the Advent season. Listen to, read, click through, and share with friends and family these 2013 Advent podcasts. For more advent resources: click here. 

St. Ignatius tells us to “seek God in all things.” Advent is a time to seek God, and to look forward to Jesus’ coming into our lives anew at Christmas. Begin Advent with Fr. Jack Butler, SJ; Fr. Robert Farrell, SJ; and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ as they speak about Ignatian Spirituality, Advent themes and practices, and “Anticipatory Joy.”

Butler_John_NEN Farrell_Robert_NENBoughton_Michael_NEN

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