Images of Peace, Warmth and Christ during Christmas 2013

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As Christmas week comes to a close, we invite you to view just some of many images of peace, warmth and Christ shared by Jesuit high schools and apostolates in the region.

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own that provides a glimpse of Christmas spirit, please send your name, photo and a description to

My Magis Reflections at Canisius

40fb51e1-c6c9-4bf9-af61-68a4d7bfcdaeCanisius College has assembled a list of reflections explaining what magis means. Magis is the Latin word for “more” and was often used by St. Ignatius to challenge people to do more for God and others. The list features a mix of students, teachers and faculty members talking about how they live out the magis.

Click here to read the full list of reflections.

Advent Week 4: Advent Gifts and Graces

In this final week  the fourth installment of our Jesuit Advent Podcast series. Deepen your Advent experience with spiritual resources from the New England Province of Jesuits and other online sources to prepare for Christmas.  Our podcast and online Advent reflections offer perspectives and suggestions from Jesuits on enriching the Advent season. Listen to, read, click through, and share with friends and family these 2013 Advent podcasts. For more advent resources: click here. 

“So many people today identify themselves by what they have. It’s so important to identify ourselves by what we give away,” says Fr. William Russell, S.J. Listen as he and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ, offer their thoughts on living in gratitude, giving gifts, and caring for the poor during Advent and at Christmas.

Fr. William Russell, SJ

Fr. William Russell, SJ

Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ

Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ