Week 4 of Prayer for International Day of Vocations Promotion for the Society of Jesus

November 5th marked the Feast of All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus and doubly served as the International Day of Vocations Promotion for the Society of Jesus, dedicated originally by Fr. Kolvenbach (29th Superior General).

Throughout the month of November we ask Jesuits and their colleagues around the world to pray for those discerning a vocation. During this period of hope, we will be sharing weekly readings and prayers. We invite you to join us in praying for the future of the Society of Jesus.

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Week Four: Formed Jesuits


This week, please pray for formed Jesuits, those who have finished the various stages of formation and now find themselves entirely dedicated to the Society’s mission. The witness of a radical self-offering by the Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, SJ, will serve as a model of inspiration.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


prayer_guide_for_vocations_2013_without_backgroundsd.inddI am going to be sacrificed, to suffer, to suffer winning hearts, making them happy, showing them tenderness, affection, love . . . .

My heart, that knows of pain and tears and that has tasted the sweetness of a brother-heart, cries out, convinced from the depths of my being:

“Hearts of my friends, of my enemies; hearts of my relatives and of strangers; hearts of the poor and of the rich; hearts of every person I know and with whom I must interact; I will give you the tenderness of my heart, the fire of my affection, the ardent passion of all my love . . . .”

It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand me, I love you. It doesn’t matter that you despise me, I will do good to you. It doesn’t matter that you mock me, I will show you tenderness, affection, love. I don’t seek your correspondence, I only seek to give you all that my heart enshrines, so that someday you may feel what my heart felt at being injured, wounded, broken.

I am happy. My life will not be unfruitful. I have a mission.

I will also be, although imperfect, a pale reflection of the Heart of Christ who has loved people so much . . . .

-Bl. Miguel Agustín Pro, SJ

First Friday of April, 1927

To each intention we respond: Gracious God, hear us.

• That the work that God has commended to the Society of Jesus in the United States and in the entire world, may be strengthened by the grace of the Holy Spirit and for the greater glory of God. Let us pray.

• That those who have the mission of guiding and governing the Church and the Society be inspired to witness to Jesus poor and humble, who came to serve in accord with the heart of the Father. Let us pray.

• For the poor, the sick, and those who bear every kind of suffering, that their hopes may not weaken or die and they may feel accompanied by the Lord through our solidarity. Let us pray.

• For the youth who experience the bitterness and frustration of loneliness, and who succumb to a shallow worldliness and a lack of meaning in their lives, may they see faith as a trusting path of light and hope. Let us pray.

• That we Jesuits may be mirrors of love for Jesus in the world to all men and women, and that by the witness of our lives young men may desire to follow us. Let us pray.

Let us add our own intentions.


Almighty God, you are always attentive to our prayers, and you desire the best for your children. Help us to desire and to seek always to live from your heart, towards solidarity with and the service of the most disadvantaged of our society. We ask you this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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