“Even though we struggle, we still keep our heads up.”

“Even though we struggle, we still keep our heads up.”stignatius bronx

Those were the inspiring words Xavier Cruz, 14, told a New York Times reporter a few weeks ago, describing life in Hunts Point as an eighth-grade student at St. Ignatius School, the Jesuit-sponsored middle school in the Bronx.

During this time of Thanksgiving, students like Xavier – and the many others that attend Jesuit schools across the country – have lots to be grateful for.

Friends who make their schools not your ordinary place to attend class.

Teachers who inspire them.

Coaches who push them farther.

Donors who support the Jesuits, our schools, social ministries and apostolates and make all this possible.

This thanksgiving, Xavier, his mother and brother are also grateful for something very special – a new laptop computer that will help him with his studies, donated by Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York.

Read more about Xavier Cruz, as featured in the Times article, “Plans for College, Made More Likely with a Laptop,” here.

Inspired by the founding vision of Nativity Mission Center on the Lower East Side, St. Ignatius School serves low-income middle school students in the South Bronx and provides mentor experience for over 200 graduates now in high school, bound for college. For more information, click here.

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