A Jesuit Veteran’s Prayer for Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day, the Society of Jesus reflects on a long and proud history of service. Fr. Robert L. Keane, SJ (CAPT, USN, Ret.) who retired last year after 23 years as an active duty US Navy chaplain, offers a Veterans Day prayer video for all service members past and present.

WWII-Jesuit-Catholic-Military-ChaplainsThe founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola, was himself a military combat veteran and his injury at the Battle of Pamplona prompted his conversion experience.  There are and have been Jesuits who proudly served their country before entering the Society of Jesus. In Fall 2011, JESUITS magazine profiled three such veterans who followed a subsequent vocation to become Jesuits and serve the Church (page 10). In addition, England Province continue to serve those in the Armed Forces through the critical ministry of the military chaplain.  In this photo (above) Weston College played host for a homecoming ceremony to welcome some fifty Jesuit Chaplains recently returned to New England from World War II service on August 21, 1946. There are 1.4 million Catholic men and women in the US military today and chaplains help meet their spiritual and pastoral needs wherever they go around the globe.  Read an interview with two military chaplains from the New England Province about their unique ministry to those who serve

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