Join us in Prayer for International Day of Vocation Promotion

November 5th marks the Feast of All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus and doubly serves as the International Day of Vocation Promotion, dedicated originally by Fr. Kolvenbach (29th Superior General).

Jesuits are blessed to have prayerful men with generous hearts who desire to labor in and for the kingdom of God. In order to continue serving God’s people, Jesuits recognize the ongoing need to engage men who might be called to religious life as priests or brothers.

On this special day for vocation promotion — and throughout the next four weeks – we ask Jesuits and their colleagues around the world to pray for those discerning a vocation. During this period of hope, we will be sharing weekly readings and prayers. We invite you to join us in praying for the future of the Society of Jesus.

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Week One: Men in Discernment

This week, we ask you to focus on men in discernment and direct prayers toward the members of the Jesuit community who have united to commit themselves to the promotion of new vocations. We consider in a special way the witness of St. Ignatius Loyola.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


GxvBTRU0YksxhoXq7a5I-Z6YSO9YXU-tZX6tMQ6VrvcIñigo is a man who goes about making friends, good friends, wherever he goes. People come to esteem him highly soon after meeting him, and he, who has always known how to love well, enjoys this friendship and generously shares with his friends what he has: knowledge of God, received during his hours of prayer; understanding the different states of the human soul, learned by personal experience; as well as food and money offered him while begging on his travels.

Yes—he makes friends, he wins them over wherever he goes, but he is not tied to them. But when he has decided that the time to leave Barcelona has come, he leaves behind him a large group of people deeply affected by his departure. In these times Iñigo thought, “Once I dreamed of serving under the banner of the most powerful king on earth and offering myself to fight in the conquest of Jerusalem and in that way win honor and glory. . . . Now I want more, Now I want to serve under the banner of the eternal King and I want to win for him all the souls that live, not only in Jerusalem, but in the entire Holy Land and in all the world. . . .”

-Iñigo de Loyola, by María Puncel

To each intention we respond: Gracious God, hear us.

• That the Word of God may take root and bear fruit in our hearts, so that Jesus’ way of proceeding makes us the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Let us pray.

• That families may be recognized as true domestic churches of the Lord, whose members may find a favorable environment for growth in faith, hope, and charity. Let us pray.

• That the love and mercy of God may enliven young people to bear true witness to their call and share their faith with those around them. Let us pray.

• That the vocationally restless may persevere in listening to the Holy Spirit and be inspired to commit themselves to Jesus in the great work of the Kingdom. Let us pray.

• That the Society of Jesus may stand as a beacon to the Church and the world and that young men might be inspired to join us and generously live their call to serve. Let us pray.

Let us add our own intentions.


Almighty Father, we recognize that we come from you, and that, thanks to your mercy, we live and are guided to your eternal home. Listen to the desires and petitions of your gathered community, so that, filled with the grace of your Holy Spirit, we may know how to respond with courage and creativity to the signs of the times. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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