Society of Jesus Welcomes New Novices

This year, 29 men started their Jesuit journey when they entered the Society of Jesus in the United States. The novices hail from across the country and represent America’s great cultural diversity. The men led full lives before discerning their call to the Jesuit order: they’ve earned degrees, taught high school, managed nonprofits, worked in business, practiced medicine and volunteered both here and abroad, from East Los Angeles to Calcutta to Micronesia.

“We have excellent men entering,” says Jesuit Father Thomas Pipp, novice director at the St. Alberto Hurtado novitiate in St. Paul, Minn. “What impresses me is their high level of education and the many, many experiences they have when they enter, particularly of service in the developing world.”

While their pasts are varied, as they enter Jesuit life they will share a two-year formation process, following a detailed plan for Jesuit formation that was laid out by St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus. During their time in the novitiate, each novice will work in a hospital, teach the Catholic faith, journey on a pilgrimage and make the 30-day Spiritual Exercises.

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