Snapshot of the Day


New England Province Jesuits celebrated over 2,000 years of combined service to the church last Sunday at Boston College High School.
(front row: from left, ) Fr. Francis Allen, SJ, Fr. Francis Sullivan, SJ, Fr. Henry Cain, SJ, Fr. Robert Taft, SJ, Fr. Provincial Myles Sheehan, SJ, Fr. Martin Shaughnessy, SJ, Br. Theodore Bender, SJ.
(center row: from left, ) Fr. Frederic Maples, SJ, Fr. John Higgins, SJ, Fr. Robert Daly, SJ, Fr. William Mulligan, SJ, Fr. William Foley, SJ, Fr. Ken Hughes, SJ, Fr. William Campbell, SJ, Fr. James Martin, SJ, Fr. Charles Connolly, SJ.
(back row: from left, ) Fr. Frederick Enman, SJ, Fr. William Hamilton, SJ, Fr. Richard Clifford, SJ, Fr. Earle Markey, SJ, Fr. Joseph Appleyard, SJ, Fr. Charles Healey, SJ, Fr. Raymond Helmick, SJ.


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